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Welcome to enjoy the Old Buck!
European Mainland Whisky of the Year 2009
(awarded by Jim Murray)

Welcome to a fansite about the first Finnish single malt whisky: Old Buck.

Unfortunately, the award-winning Old Buck is not available for sale at the moment but at least two restaurants in the City of Pori sell drams: Beer Hunter's Pub Brewery & Steak and Whisky House Galle. And Galle, by the way, has received a nomination for being one of the best Whisky Restaurants in the world (awarded by the Whisky Magazine).
Congratulations, Galle & Old Buck!!!

H.A. Hakonen
e-mail: legless.scotsman@gmail.com


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News and updates:

March 2018: New version (7 YO) tasted.

December 2016: Website layout updated.

July 2014: New VYS version released and tasted.

October 2013: New version released (and tasted).

June 2013: New 5 year old tasted.

April 2012: New Old Buck tasted! See "The Whisky" section.

March 2012: Layout etc. updated...

February 2011: Fourth Release of Old Buck bottled.

November 2010: Added Jim Murray's points for the latest Old Buck

June 2010: Mika Heikkinen starts making smoky version of Old Buck.

Here's a story from Satakunnan Kansa: Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7 Pic 8 Pic 9 Pic 10 Pic 11

May 2010: Mika Heikkinen meets Jim Murray.
Satakunnan Kansa

November 2008: Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2009 is out with very good reviews of Old Buck what is now "European Mainland Whisky of the Year". More at "the whisky".
Here's a newspaper story about the award: Satakunnan Kansa

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Remember, this is only a fan-site.
I've got no official connections to Galle or Beer Hunter's...